Piano and vocal duo allows the freedom to improvise and play outside the common way a tune is written/played. This means every gig you book us for will be different even if we play a tune you have heard us perform previously. This particularily applies to popular tunes that you have heard played the same way a thousand times – we will play it differently and more hip each time.



Piano, vocal and double bass trio is the most popular choice for both venue booked gigs and private functions alike. The inclusion of double bass creates a more rich and filled-out sound. Playing with double bass allows the pianist more options to texturize and fill out a tune. This also gives us choice of contrast and variety in our set (ie. singer and bass playing duo together provides a lovely contrast to when the piano is also playing).



- The full band has the inclusion of jazz drum set and/or jazz saxophone. This ensemble line up is the most prestigious choice. Inviting jazz drum set does not mean a louder sound; a quartet  or quintet (including the instrument of jazz – the saxophone) can play background music just as easily as the duo or trio options. As the band increases to a quartet or full quintet the options of song choice increase and a more recognisable jazz and groove soundtrack can be achieved. Full band suits larger venues and events that may begin with a cocktail style atmosphere and gives the organiser the option of more swing/dance tunes as the night progresses.

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